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Requesting Orders and Quotes

Why should I choose Dux?

We are a family owned and operated manufacturing and distribution company with 30+ years of experience. We offer Australian made products which have high quality assurance. We offer expertise and advice to help you make the right decision for your project, whatever scope and special requirements it may have. Please contact us if you have any special queries and we can provide you with the right information and guidance. 

How do I request a quote?

Fax (+61 7 5598 1972), email (info@duxlighting.com.au), phone (+61 7 5598 1216), Do not hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions or concerns.



What are the benefits of choosing LEDs?

LEDs are 90% more efficient and their lifespan is significantly longer than halogens, some up to 50,000 hours, making them a more sustainable alternative. This means less time spent on maintenance and replacement costs. Although the initial costs of LEDs may be higher than traditional alternatives, after around three months these costs will be paid off through savings on energy bills. They are also more effective and reach full capacity instantly after being turned on. Turning it on and off does not reduce its life expectancy. Additionally, this option is safer as the casing generally does not reach temperatures over 50 degrees and the lights not contain any toxins such as mercury or lead, unlike compact fluorescent lamps. 

What is the ratio between LED power consumption and power usage by other lamps?

LEDs require approximately 1/5th of the energy of a halogen lamp, to generate the same output. In other words, an LED may only use 10W whereas a halogen lamp would use 50W. LEDs use half the power of linear fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent lamps, and only a seventh of incandescent lamps.

How do I know whether to choose warm or cool white as the light output?

When replacing spotlights and halogen bulbs with LEDs, warm white is the closest equivalent. A warm white is softer and has a slight yellow tint. It is the most popular for domestic use and generally recommended. Alternatively, cool white may be preferable as a task light or for bathroom applications, if you want the perceivably brightest option. In commercial options cool white is generally chosen, however be cautious with a higher lumen output (increasingly cool), as this may be too harsh and unpleasant for the eye. 

How do I calculate the power supply required for the LED curve strip?

When calculating, multiply curve strip wattage used per metre by how many meters you wish to run. Refer to the LED curve strip datasheet, depending on the power consumption, DL-C5-C equals 5w per metre of strip. E.g. 5w/m x 3m = 15w. Add an additional 20% over your calculated requirement for voltage drop. For runs greater than 6 metres connect 12V DC power to each end to minimise loss of intensity. 

How do I specify some of your products?

Contact our office and we will supply you with all the necessary information and a quote.

What kind of warranties can I expect?

Every product covered by a warranty will have the coverage duration provided on the datasheet, available in the showroom tab or on request via email. As a rule of thumb the warranties last between 2 and 3 years. We can provide great warranties because we believe in the standard and quality of the products we produce.

What do I do if there is an issue with a product?

If you experience any issues with the products, your order is not what you expected or you would like some installation information, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to do our best to resolve the problem and minimise you being inconvenienced. Furthermore, we supply a range of spare parts for many of our fittings, such as lens covers for the Dux Button and drivers for LEDs. 

Can LEDs be connected to 240V?

No, it cannot.   Most LEDs require a driver to control the voltage to run the LED efficiently.

Wiring and Installation

Can I install the fittings myself?

We do not recommend attempting installations on your own as our lights were not designed as DIY solutions. Legally you are not obliged to use a certified electrician for extra low voltage systems, however for 240V jobs or complex jobs you need a contractor or similar.  Electricians have extensive knowledge and skills, so we recommend you hire an electrician do complete the installation.

How many lights can I run off one driver and dimmer?

One dimmer is needed per power supply/LED driver. 

 What is the Curve strip power consumption, watts per metre:

C5 – 4.8w

C7 – 7.2w

C10 – 9.6w

C14 – 14.4w

C19 – 19.2w

How do I connect the LED 12V Range?

See Installation instructions here:  12V Installation Advice